Plant Care:

Laue’e Iki Fern


In Hawaii, this fern is called laua’e haole; it is also known as wart fern, monarch fern, creeping fern, serpent fern and water fern. It can get very full yet stays on the smaller size. A true dwarf tropical fern with a low, creeping habit that showcases dark green, wavy, strap-like leaves. Laue’e fern is highly disease and pest resistant and looks attractive in a hanging basket. 

Pets And Kids:


Plant Parent Care Tips:

  • This fern is relatively easy to grow. Fern may dry out for short periods, but may need to be misted to add humidity during winter months.

General Care:


Does well in evenly moist, well drained soil and will die if left in standing water. Mist to offer humidity during winter months.


Likes bright, indirect light. Will tolerate some sun.


Choose a room with a West/South or East facing window.


Every second month feed with half strength liquid fertilizer.

Common Issues:

  • Too much sun will stunt and discolour the fronds making them unattractive unless there is lots of water available.
  • Repot your fern in the springtime, but only if their roots are filling the pot. Otherwise, just scrape off the top layer of compost and replace it with fresh compost. 
  • Cut off any damaged fronds to encourage new growth.

Interesting Fact

This fern likes bright indirect light, different than most common ferns!