4-pack Haworthia Assortment in Boho Pots


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Get 4 different mini varieties in this Hawarthia pack, potted into a matching set of BOHO ceramic blue pots! Pots are 2.5″ in diameter. Windowsill ready 🙂

Low growing Haworthia form rosettes of fleshy green leaves speckled with white, pearly dots or bands, giving them a fun, unique look. These succulents are one of the easiest houseplants to care for.

Water: Water every one to two weeks. Allow potting mix to dry out almost completely before watering thoroughly.

Sunlight: Bright light. Tolerates medium to low light.

Food: Fertilize with half strength  cactus fertilizer in spring and summer only.

Placement: You can put your Haworthia in an east- or west-facing window where it can receive a few hours of indirect sunlight a day.

Common Issues:

  • Constantly wet soil can lead to root rot. Symptoms include stoppage of growth, reduction in plant or leaf size or leaf shrivelling.

Plant Parent Care Tips:

  • Water sparingly. As with all succulents, over watering will lead to rot. If you use saucers, empty standing water.
  • Most Haworthias live in sheltered spots and have adapted to thrive in partial shade. White, yellow or red-tinged leaves are usually and indicator that your Haworthia is receiving too much sunlight. 

Pets: Safe for pets!

Interesting fact: There are about 80 species of Haworthia!

Out of stock