4″ Norfolk Pilea


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Pilea spruceana ‘Norfolk’ is sometimes called “Angel Wings” or Bronze Pilea. This low-growing plant showcases bronze leaves and silver markings similar to those of aluminum plant. These uniquely textured plants are great accent pieces to add to your collection. Their size makes them great for terrariums and can be combined with other plants or used as a stand alone display. 

Water: Medium. Allow the top inch of the soil dry between waterings. Like most houseplants, it’s better to keep pilea a bit too dry than a bit too wet.

Sunlight: Bright Indirect to Medium. Will also tolerate low light. Keep your pilea out of direct sunlight as it can scorch the leaves of your plant.

Placement: Most pilea varieties grow well on tabletops, counter tops, or other surfaces — but are also fantastic choices for hanging baskets and other planters.  Don’t hesitate to move pilea around the house—think of it as a mobile accessory.

Pets: Pet-friendly!

Out of stock