Pink Nephthytis Kokedama


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‘Kokedama’ translates to Moss-ball. Kokedama is Japanese technique in which the root system of a plant is wrapped in moss. Wonderful gifts and sculptural beauties! This kokedama is made with a pink Nephthytis plant, which can tolerate lower light.

Each kokedama comes with a live edge wooden coaster base for display. For maintenance, kokedama require a weekly soak in water. Full instructions are provided for the care of each plant.

Also known as Arrowhead plant, Nephthytis is a low maintenance way to add green to your home’s interior! Nephthytis is extremely hardy and can even survive a little bit of mistreatment. There are several species of Nephthytis. The climbing, creeping, green and variegated species all require the same care.

Placement: A north-facing window is ideal. Nephthytis likes medium light but will tolerate lower light levels. Just keep an eye that the plant doesn’t become thin, weak and leggy in low light. Move to more light if so. Direct, hot sunlight can scorch the leaves of the plant or fade the variegation.

Pets: Toxic to pets if ingested.

Out of stock