Tropical Plant (4″) Bundle with 1 Plant Animal


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A perfect gift for friends, teachers, co-workers and new green thumbs or experienced plant parents alike!  This bundle includes a 4″ easy-care tropical plant, modern white ceramic pot with feet, as well as choice of 1 Plant Animal. Comes gift giving ready in kraft box and bag.

Comes with choice of 1 brass coated Plant Animals. Plant Animals are an exciting way to make your own mini rainforest! You can stand them in your plant pot or terrarium, slide them onto a leaf or gently fold their hands so they swing, climb, perch, or hug your favourite plants. Perfect stocking stuffer!

This bundle comes with:

  • 4″ easy-care Tropical Plant (curated by the Plant Van team)
  • Plant Care Card
  • 4″ White ceramic pot
  • Choice of 1 Plant Animals

**If you would like to request a particular type of plant, pet-friendly or low light, please add into the comments**

Out of stock