6” Burro’s Tail (Donkey Tail)


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Burro’s tail (donkey’s tail) produces long, sweeping stems that are arrayed with thick, fleshy green leaves.  Depending on the cultivar, the leaves of Burro tail can be round or pointy and foliage can range from gray-green, to true green, to blue-green. This plant belongs to the hardy sedum family, and is a great choice for novice gardeners

Water: Low. This plant is drought tolerant. Excess water can cause the stems to rot and even kill the succulent.

Sun: Medium to Bright Indirect. This plant thrives in bright light, but will tolerate lower light better than other succulents.

Placement: Burro’s tail is a showstopper in a hanging basket, where its long, luxurious stems can drape over the side. A bright windowsill with some protection, such as a sheer blind would work well.

Plant Parent Care Tips:

  • Don’t jostle it because its leaves fall off easily. However, those leaves that fall can be easily propagated!
  • Divide the plant when it gets too large for a container and transplant it every couple of years to provide it with fresh nutrient-rich soil.

Pets: Pet friendly!

Out of stock