8″ Rex Begonia Cissus Discolor


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Gorgeous full baskets! The flamboyant Rex Begonia adds bright and distinctive colour to any space – it is a show stopper! The colours of the differing types of Rex begonias include mixes of greens, silver, white, reds and pinks, maroon, purple, yellow and orange. Many types have a silvery or metallic sheen over the leaves, adding even more interest.

Water: Medium. Let the soil surface become dry to the touch before watering. It’s better to keep them a little too dry than too wet; they can rot if the soil doesn’t dry out well enough.

Sun: Medium to Bright Indirect. Because they are not aggressive bloomers, they can tolerate less light than other begonias and will thrive under fluorescent lights.

Placement: They will thrive by an east or west facing window. Dress up your Rex begonia by growing it in a container that complements colours in the foliage.

Out of stock