Stained Glass Air Plant Bundle – Rectangle

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Handcrafted stained glass air plant holders made by our partner Canadian artisans, Two Old Crows, bundled with accessories for the perfect handmade gift!

All bundles for Valentine’s Day will come with a red air plant! Choose to add plant-inspired cookies by KickYXE or a Plant Van Art Card and message for an even sweeter treat.

Gift Bundle includes:

  • Stained glass air plant holder + suction cup hanger
  • Air plant (Plant Van will choose an appropriate air plant for the model)
  • Blue Cobalt Glass spray bottle (to spritz your air plant regularly)
  • Air Plant Care Card

Please use drop the down menu to browse available designs with accompanying picture. Choose the glass design that you would like.

About air plants: As the name implies, air plants absorb nutrients and water from the air through scales on their leaves. Because they don’t need dirt, you can put them in creative places, such as on window hangings, terrariums and even magnets on your fridge! In their natural habitat — the forests, mountains and deserts of South and Central America — air plants are epiphytic (growing on other plants without harming them), and emerge from the crooks and branches of trees. They’re almost zero-maintenance, but a little care will help them live their  best lives.

Water: Watering an air plant is the trickiest piece of the air plant care puzzle

Sunlight: Bright, Indirect light is best. The higher the humidity of the air the higher light will be tolerated

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