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Beetle Peperomia – 4″


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The Beetle Peperomia is a particularly easy variety of Peperomia to care for, which handles neglect well! It is an adaptable plant well suited to modern homes in a number or environments, provided it gets adequate indirect light and doesn’t get overwatered.

Water: Water every 7 to 10 days. Allow the top soil to dry out completely and then water thoroughly. Do not over-water. 

Sunlight: Bright indirect light. As a general rule, variegated foliage requires more sunlight than darker green foliage. Tolerates low light. While short periods of direct light are fine, too much full sun will cause leaf discolouration. 

Food: Peperomia are naturally slow-growing and do not require a lot of fertilizer. Fertilize twice a year using half-strength liquid fertilizer during spring and summer only.

Only 2 left in stock

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