Crocodile Fern (6″ – Medium)


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Sometimes known as Crocodyllus fern, Crocodile Fern is an unusual plant with wrinkled leaves. True to its name, the Crocodile Fern looks the real deal with its characteristic scaly green leaves and broad strap-like foliage.  The light green, segmented leaves are marked with dark green veins.

Native to Malaysia, in the wild these monsters are actually epiphytes (despite them growing up to 6 feet tall!) and are often found growing in the crooks of large trees.

Light: Crocodile Fern will do best in bright indirect to low light. A northern or eastern window provides the best light exposure.

Water: Water your Crocodile Fern when the top inch of soil is dry, until water flows through the pot’s drainage holes.

Plant Parent Care Tips:

  • Turn the plant once or twice each month to encourage even growth.
  • Trim off crowded fronds to encourage airflow. This will help reduce the possibility of fungal infections.

Pets: Pet Friendly!

Out of stock