Emerald Elegance Stained Glass – 14″


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Emerald Elegance 14-inch round stained glass window hanging – designed to transform your space with the rich, soothing hues of green, creating a visual symphony that captures the essence of nature.

“Emerald Elegance” features an intricate pattern of green tones that range from deep, earthy greens to vibrant, jewel-like shades. The circular design creates a mesmerizing kaleidoscope effect, allowing the play of light to dance through the stained glass, casting enchanting reflections across your  room.

Can be used as a display for air plant, crystals, propagation tube(pictures) or other items. Each gorgeous hand-made glass panel is unique. All original designs that sparkle in the light. Ready to hang! Choose to add 1 or 2 airplants if desired. 

Comes ready to hang with 2 attached, soldered hoops and chain. Chain can be removed. Comes with 2 suction cups to suspend from window through soldered hoops, or can be suspended from top of window or ceiling. 

  • Choose to add 2 black chains and white ceiling screw-hooks for hanging for $8. 

Out of stock