Epipremnum Giganteum Variegated – 4″


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Meet the Epipremnum Giganteum Variegated, affectionately known as the “Giant Golden Pothos”. This low-maintenance plant doubles as an air purifier, contributing to a healthier indoor atmosphere. Whether suspended with grace or showcased on a stand, the Epipremnum Giganteum flourishes in diverse light conditions, complementing any room.
Care Level: Easy Care
Water: Let top inch of soil dry before watering. Err on the side of under-watering.
Light: Will thrive in medium indirect light or bright indirect light.


Add a 4″ ceramic pot to your plant!

Plastic nursery pot fits perfectly into these ceramic pots, protecting from over-watering and allowing for drainage. No need to repot!

Add a Plant Stake with Message

A beautiful message card with metal plant stake. Includes a hand-written note on back (optional)