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Epipremnum Pinnatum Hanging Basket (7.5”)


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Epipremnum Pinnatum green form is the close cousin to Cebu Blue. It is a beautiful vining plant with elongated, green foliage. In the wild, this plant grows in subtropical forests in nature, mostly in Asia and Australia, where it loves to climb up trees.
In your home, Epipremnum Pinnatum green form will look gorgeous in a hanging basket or on a plant stand, where it has enough space downwards to grow into a cascade of shiny green leaves. For leaves to grow more full, they are best set up to clime.
Care Level: Easy Care
Water: Let top inch of soil dry before watering.
Light: Will tolerate low light environments like office, basements. Will thrive in medium indirect light or bright indirect light.


The Cebu Blue Pothos is an easy care exotic sought after for its long, thin leaves with their silvery, blueish hue that almost seems to shimmer in the right light. “Cebu” comes from the island of Cebu in the Philippines where the plant originates from (although it’s also now invasive in several other tropical countries), and “blue” is because of its blueish foliage.


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