Fiddle Leaf Fig 4″ – Bambino


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Fiddle leaf fig gets its name from its lush, shiny leaves that are shaped like violins. The fiddle leaf fig tree can get to 40 feet in height when it’s in its native environment, and up to 6 feet or taller in your home, making it a stunning architectural statement in any room.

General care: When the fiddle leaf fig grows, the leaves get heavy and the tips of the branches droop. Give it a good amount of space. Fiddle leaf figs are content as root bound plants, but you should re-pot from time to time into well-drained soil. If it needs a larger pot it may show chlorosis due to insufficient iron or manganese, and newer leaves may turn yellow as a consequence.

Placement: Choose an area that isn’t directly in line with an exterior door, drafty window or near an air vent. Choose a bright room, close to the window but not in direct light.

Pets and Kids: Not suitable for kids and pets. Fiddle leaf fig leaves contain crystals made of toxic calcium oxalate.

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Out of stock