Hoya Retusa 4″


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One of the most unique looking members of its family, Hoya Retusa has very flat and narrow foliage that makes it stand out! When it blooms Retusa puts on individual red centered blooms which is also non typical of the Hoya family which usually bloom in clusters.

Hoyas’ have exceptional tolerance for neglect. The easy-to-care Hoya Retusa is excellent for any indoor space and does not require lots of water or maintenance. Choose a well-aerated, well-draining potting mixture and provide lots of sunlight during the active growing season.

Water: Low to medium. Drought tolerant plants. Water when the top 1-2” of soil are dry.

Sunlight:  Medium to bright, indirect light. Will tolerate low light. When placed in brighter light, the foliage will be more vibrant and it will produce more flowers.

Placement. Hoyas like to settle into a spot, so don’t be quick to move them. You can train your Hoyas to grow up a pole or some other support if you’d like vertical appeal.

Pets & Kids: Pet friendly!

Out of stock