Jewel Orchid Black – 4″


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Jewel orchid is an umbrella term for orchids with distinctive markings on their leaves. Several species fall into the class of jewel orchids, and they originate mostly from southeast Asia and the Pacific. They are native to Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and India, but some species have their origins in eastern North America.

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Jewel orchids are terrestrial, meaning they grow on the ground, distinguishing them from many other orchids that grow wild as epiphytes. The Anoectochilus is a genus of orchids that have dark-colored leaves and contrasting veins. This genus is also called the marbled jewel orchid, and roughly 50 species of orchids belong here. Though the jewel orchid requires extra effort to grow and maintain, the Anoectochilus seems to be one of the easier types to care for, making them quite popular

Light: Anoectochilus loves shade and is naturally occurring in Hawaii, China, Southeast Asia, Melanesia, New Guinea, and Australia.

Out of stock