Lemon Button Fern (6″)


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Lemon Button Fern fern is an easy-care houseplant that does well in the lower light conditions. Unlike many ferns that have delicate-looking fronds, button fern is more resilient. The lemon button fern checks a lot of marks on the “must have” plant lists. It can withstand a lot of neglect and come back swinging stronger than it was before. Besides making a striking contrast with other houseplants, it’s a promising choice for anyone who hasn’t had luck with ferns and wants to try again. 

Water: Water when the surface becomes slightly dry. Keep the soil moist at all times, but never leave it standing in water. Water from the sides rather directly onto the leaves.

Sunlight: Bright to Low.  

Placement: Place it in indirect light toward the centre of the room, or keep it in an east-, west- or north-facing window, where it will not receive sunbeams all day. Low light conditions make it an ideal office plant.

Pets: Safe for pets!

Out of stock