Lithops (Living Stones) – 2.25”

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Lithops are known as ‘Living Stones’ because of their resemblance to pebbles and rocks that scattered around their natural surroundings. These hard-to-find plants are unique and interesting! Lithops are tiny slow-growing plants that grow close to the ground.  Each plant has an underground stem with a long root that connects to two above-ground thick leaves that are merged together at the soil level.

** Choose to have Lithops in a nursery pot only or in a ceramic white cover pot**

Lithops usually bloom white or yellow flowers from between the two leaves in the summer.

Watering You can treat it as a cactus. Doesn’t need humidity. Be sure not to over water. It’s best to water during spring and when flowers bloom/new leaves appear.

Light Lithops can take full strength sun. A window sill with any direction light will do. Too much light is not a problem, but make sure to water a bit more often. Too little light can be an issue. You know when the plant is not getting enough light when it appears to be ‘reaching’ for it. Meaning it will lose its rock like appearance and grow taller. If this is noticed, simply find another place with more light.

Pets Pet Friendly!