Midnight Raven “ZZ” PLANT (6″)


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The leaves of the Raven ZZ emerge bright green and fade to dark purple-black/ jet black foliage. A striking contrast to any light coloured planters. Shares the same easy care with its common counterparts. These plants are full in 6″ containers.

ZZ plants are our most resilient plant in the shop! They function as great table top or floor plants. The average ZZ plant will grow to 3 or 4 feet tall, but can reach 5 feet. ZZ plants will tolerate neglect, are drought tolerant and  will tolerate low light conditions, making them a great choice for frequent travelers, those who occasionally forget to water, or for the office.

Placement: ZZ plants aren’t fussy about their location. Because they can thrive on neglect, they are great for infrequently used spaces.

Pets: All parts of the ZZ plant are poisonous and not pet friendly!

In stock

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