Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant Hanging Basket – Large (8″)


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Lipstick Plant Mona Lisa has glossy, light green leaves and a trailing, cascading habit. It is a prolific bloomer with bright red flowers.

Lipstick Plant, also called Lipstick Vine, is native to the tropical and humid rainforests of Java north to the Malay Peninsula where the long, trailing vines grow and scramble along trees.The Aeschynanthus lipstick vine has pointy, waxy leaves and blooms with bright clusters of flowers. Vivid red blossoms emerge from a dark maroon bud reminiscent of a tube of lipstick.

Sunlight: Bright indirect. To promote the best production of blooms, it’s imperative to place the Lipstick Plant in an indoor location receiving bright indirect light.

Pets & Kids: Safe!

Only 1 left in stock