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Pilea Baby Tears Hanging Basket (6″)


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Also known as Baby Tears, the Pilea Depressa is a delicate creeping plant that makes beautiful hanging baskets, fairy-gardens and terrariums. This low-growing miniature vine is also known as tiny toes or leprechaun toes. It’s shiny green, round leaves and plump with scalloped edges. This is an easy to care plant with a fast growth rate.

Water:  Does not like to sit in wet soil; allow the top of the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

Sunlight: Low to Medium light, will tolerate bright, Indirect light. Browning of leaves is a possible sign of over-exposure to light.

Placement: Pilea depressa prefers being in a bright spot or one in partial shade. Direct sunlight is not good for this plant. In the office or living room Pilea depressa does well in a hanging pot. 

Care tips:

  • These plants can be vigorous growers. To maintain the appearance, you can simply remove the dead or normal leaves from the lower sides of the vines.
  • Pileas are very easy to propagate with stem tip cuttings. Take tip cuttings in the spring. 

Pets: Safe for pets.

 Interesting fact: Numerous tiny, white, petalless flowers grow in the spring to make it nothing less than a fairy vine

Out of stock