Pilea Silver Sparkle Hanging Basket (8″)


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Pilea Silver Sparkle goes by many names: grey baby tears, grey artillery plant or red stem pilea, but has not yet been assigned a formal botanical name, though is known informally as Pilea glauca.  The Pilea family is large and the Pilea glauca stands out for its cascade of mini-leaves sprinkled with silver “fairy dust.” As the name suggests they really do sparkle! They will “sparkle” when watered well. Watch the leaves closely and when it needs water that “sparkle” will fade a bit, but after it’s watered it will return.

Water: Medium. Water roughly 1x/week. Keep soil moist in spring/summer. Let the top soil surface become dry to the touch before watering. Will tolerate drier soil in winter months.

Sun: Medium – bright indirect light.

Placement: Place in a warm, well-lit spot. Pets: Pet Friendly!

Out of stock