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Plantfulness Gift Bundle


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A mindful curated gift bundle for plant lovers. Comes with ‘Plantfulness:How to Change your Life with Plants’ cards, as well as Earth Medicine organic fertilizer and a gorgeous vintage mister – perfect for keeping plants healthy and happy! A $55 value of items for $45.

  • Plantfulness Cards: How to Change your life with plants ($25 value)
  • Earth Medicine organic fertilizer ($16 value)
  • Vintage Mister ($15 value)

About Plantfulness Cards

In an increasingly hectic world, Plantfulness is a guide to help you reconnect with nature while reaching for a peaceful and mindful life.

Plantfulness guides you through 50 houseplants which can give back to you in a symbiotic relationship which allows you both to thrive. Featuring the practical benefits, from cleaner air and beautiful scents, to the emotional ones, like creative inspiration and a daily sense of accomplishment for caring for them, Plantfulness is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to improve their wellbeing and enjoy nature from the comfort of their home.

Only 2 left in stock

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