Red Poinsettia (6″)


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A gorgeous striking red poinsettia.

Caring for a Blooming Poinsettia:

Light: Position your poinsettia in a well-lit room, receiving ample indirect sunlight.

Watering: Water the plant moderately with tepid water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Thoroughly soak the soil, preventing overwatering to avoid root rot. Ensure there’s no standing water in the saucer, allowing the soil surface to dry between watering sessions.

Fertilizing: During the blooming period, there’s no need to fertilize your poinsettia.

Post-Blooming Care
Following the blooming phase, the vegetative growth period commences. Poinsettias can stay in bloom for around four months or longer, depending on the cultivar. If you wish to retain it as a green plant or attempt to encourage reblooming, follow these guidelines:

Re-potting: In late April, prune the poinsettia by cutting all stems back by one-third. For a more compact plant, retain only two or three leaves on each stem. Mist the plant to limit latex seepage and prevent drying. Repot the plant in well-drained, aerated soil, using a commercial substrate or a mix of potting soil, perlite, and peat moss.

Second Pruning: Prune the plant again in late July or early August, or pinch back stem ends (leaving three or four leaves per stem) to promote bushy, compact growth. Avoid pinching the plant after early September for successful reblooming.

Light: Once frost risks are eliminated (ideally when temperatures stay above 13°C), gradually transition the plant outside for the summer. Place it in a semi-shaded or sunny spot. If outdoor placement isn’t feasible, provide maximum light exposure, even full sun, indoors.

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