Stained Glass Snowflake Sun-Catcher (14”)


Only 1 left in stock

Gorgeous hand-made artisan snowflake in this set is unique – no one is the same! Made by Plant Van partner This Old Crow. All original design that sparkles in the light. An essential part of seasonal decor or a gorgeous gift for friends and relatives.

Snow flake is 14” round.

Comes ready to hang with 2 attached, soldered hoops. Can be suspended from top of window frame, ceiling or hung directly on glass of the window or hung on a wall. Each snowflake includes 2 white ceiling hooks with 6 feet of silver wire, plus 2 suction cups for the window.

Option to add 2 cut lengths of 2-foot black chain for $10. Contact us for shipping outside Saskatoon.

Only 1 left in stock