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Stained Glass Snowflake Sun-Catcher (8″-12”)


**Available for Pre-order. Pick-up or delivery after January 16th**  gorgeous hand-made artisan snowflake in this set is unique – no one is the same! Made by Plant Van partner This Old Crow. Many different textures on each snowflake, all original designs that sparkle in the light. An essential part of seasonal decor or a gorgeous gift for friends and relatives through the winter season or a thoughtful Valentines gift!

Snow flakes come in 4 size diameters : 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 2 styles: Beveled or Glass. Beveled is a combination of textured glass bevels. Use dropdown menu to see the picture of the exact model. 

Comes ready to hang with 2 attached, soldered hoops. Can be suspended from top of window frame, ceiling or hung directly on glass of the window or hung on a wall. Each snowflake includes 2 white ceiling hooks with 6 feet of silver wire, plus 2 suction cups for the window.

Option to add 2 cut lengths of 2-foot black chain for $10. Contact us for shipping outside Saskatoon.

With this product, you will earn
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