Stromanthe Triostar in White Ceramic Pot (4″)


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A charming duo! 4″ Stromanthe in our favourite white ceramic Henry pot with feet.

Stromanthe is known for its impressive, colorful, foliage. Along with its vibrant leaves, you will enjoy watching your Stromanthe as it moves towards the light. A Stromanthe is a relative of the Prayer plant and a member of the Maranta family.

Water: Medium. Let the top soil surface become dry to the touch before watering. Be careful to not overwater, as this could lead to root rot.

Sun: Medium to Bright Indirect. The more indirect light the plant receives, the more variegation you will see on the leaves.

Placement: Place in a warm, well-lit spot. 

Plant Parent Care Tips:

  • Stromanthe plants love moisture and humidity, so mist often! The leaves will turn brown and crispy when the air is too dry.
  • Turn the container weekly so all sides of the Stromanthe receive the same amount of light.

Pets: Pet Friendly!

Out of stock