Variegated Birds Nest Fern – 7.5″


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Talk about a stunner for your plant shelves! Asplenium antiquum variegatum, the Variegated Bird’s Nest Fern has its roots in East Asia. This rare tropical fern features strappy foliage radiating outwards from a central point. With age, leaves develop a mesmerizing variegation, with near-white foliage streaked with fine green lines. Watch as this fern becomes more and more variegated as it grows! This plant comes in a 7.5″ lime green pot as shown.

Although ferns get a bad reputation for being finicky, so long as their basic needs are met, they will thrive in home environments. They are amongst the first plants on earth to form a vascular system, found around the world in almost all environments where moisture is abundant. In general, it is important to provide ferns with plenty of humidity and generous watering.

Water: Medium to High. Most ferns like an evenly moist soil with regular waterings. They tend to love humidity, so mist regularly!

Sunlight: Low to Bright Indirect. Most ferns thrive in medium to bright indirect light. Contrary to popular opinion, ferns are not typically deep shade plants. They are adapted to the dappled sunlight of the forest floor. Some Ferns, like the Bird’s Nest Fern, can tolerate low indirect light.

Plant Parent Care Tips:

  • Crisping tips of your fern may indicate either low humidity or that the plant is too dry.
  • You may notice dying lower fronts on your plant. It’s normal for ferns to shed. Prune them away as this happens.
  • Ferns are famous for being able to completely regrow from the crown, so if the leaves are damaged, you can take them off and the fern will replace them relatively quickly. 

Pets: Most ferns are non-toxic to pets. Best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children.

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