Variegated Euphorbia (6″) in Guy Wolf Terracotta Pot


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Euphorbia mammillaris variegata, also known as Indian Corn Cob, is a fast-growing cactus with thick stems that are chalky green, erect and ribbed. These stems can turn rosy pink in colder environments. Euphorbia mammillaris variegata produces small red and orange flowers from each stem. Cacti appreciate a warm, dry environment (think desert) with minimal water, and plenty of light. 

** Potted in a 100% Terracotta Guy Wolf Pot.

Water: Make sure the soil is dry between waterings. This will stop the roots and lower edges of the plant from becoming waterlogged or rotting. 

Sunlight: Bright light. Will not tolerate low light conditions. Direct, intense sunlight can make the plants turn a yellow colour.

Placement: Place your cactus in a south or western facing window. 

Pets and Kids: Depending on the spikiness of your cactus, they may not be friendly to pets or kids!

Out of stock