WallyGro Wall Planter & Gift Card Set


With its sleek design and  simple assembly growing a vertical garden has never been easier with a WallyGro wall planter.

Gift a WallyGro wall planter with a Plant Van gift card tucked inside, allowing your giftee to choose their plant of choice!. Receive 15% off your Wally Grow with this combo.

Choose to have your gift delivered to your recipient, to yourself or picked-up at The Little Market Box in Saskatoon.

Choose to add a Continuous Spray Mister ($15) and/or a bottle of Thrive Plant Vitamins ($25) to make for the perfect bundle!

  • The Continuous Spray Mister is a Plant Van favourite! Continuous Spray with super fine mist. Perfect for creating humidity for your tropical plants. Produces a stream of sustained mist, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily. Less pumping hand fatigue compared to traditional triggers and finger tip sprayers.
  • Thrive Plant Nutrients keeps plants strong and healthy and helps to deal with the stresses of indoor living!
    • 60 + minerals, vitamins, and active growth hormones
    • Designed, packaged, and shipped from Canada
    • Makes up to 120 litres of fertilizer