ZIG ZAG Fig Bundle with Plant Animals


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A long-time favourite for beginning green thumbs and experienced plant parents alike, Weeping Fig Zig Zag!  Once settled into their new environment, these ficus are easy to care for. These plants will thrive in a bright location with indirect light and consistent watering. Comes with a modern Elho white cover pot made of recycled plastic.

Comes with choice of 2 brass coated Plant Animals. Plant Animals are an exciting way to make your own mini rainforest! You can stand them in your plant pot or terrarium, slide them onto a leaf or gently fold their hands so they swing, climb, perch, or hug your favourite plants. Perfect stocking stuffer!

This bundle comes with:

  • Zig Zag Weeping Fig with care card (6″ pot size)
  • White Elho cover pot
  • Choice of 2 Plant Animals

Out of stock