Plant Care:

Spider Plant, Ribbon Plant


The fun and whimsical, long, curved leaves of the spider plant make it a graceful statement for any room, from a tabletop or mantle, to a hanging corner basket. This no-fuss, carefree plants are known for their air purifying properties and are a great option for a first-time plant owner.

Botanical Classification: Chlorophytum comosum

Pets And Kids:

Pet and kid-friendly! 

Plant Parent Care Tips:

  • If spider plant’s leaves become dusty, wipe them clean with a damp cloth.
  • Plantlets form when it receives short days and long, uninterrupted nights for at least three weeks. You can re-pot these into a new plant.

General Care:

Spider plants are adaptable and easy to grow, which makes them common house plants. Too much light or direct sun causes leaves to not just lose their patterns, but they also may develop brown spots and begin dying off.


Water the ribbon plant once a week or when the soil begins to feel dry. Mist leaves occasionally in summer.


Moderate indirect light. Intolerant of direct sunlight. As a general rule, variegated foliage requires more sunlight than darker green foliage. Tolerates low light. While short periods of direct light are fine, too much full sun will cause leaf discoloration.


A room with a south-, east- or west-facing window is usually sufficient. Ribbon plants are small enough to thrive in terrariums and work well with combination plantings.


Fertilize twice a year using half-strength liquid fertilizer during spring and summer only.

Common Issues:

Leaf tip burnthis can be due to chlorine and fluorides in the water