Plant Care:

Waffle Plant


It doesn’t take much effort to give these lush green and purple jungle-dwellers what they need to thrive in your home! Also known as red ivy or red flame ivy, these plants have a metallic tint and a crinkly look to their leaves, similar to a waffle texture.

Botanical Classification: Hemigraphis alternata

Pets And Kids:

Non-toxic to pets.

Plant Parent Care Tips:

  • Keep waffle plants soil consistently moist. Mist regularly.
  • Purple waffle plants sometimes develop minor cosmetic issues. The most common issue is spindly or dead, damaged growth. Prune off the unwanted stems at the base.
  • If you prefer a bushier plant, pinch the tips of your waffle plant whenever the plant shoots up new growth. Pinch the stems just above a leaf, stem or bud. 

General Care:


Waffle plants like to stay consistently moist but not soggy. Soil should have the consistency of a wrung out sponge. Mist regularly. Don’t be alarmed if you find it completely limp and wilted when it is thirsty. With a good drink, it will perk back up.


Bright, indirect light or partial shade.  If leaves begin to look bleached out, they may be receiving too much light. With too little light, the purple colouring will fade.


 Its small stature makes purple waffle plants an ideal house plant for decorating bedside tables, countertops, and desks.


Fertilize quarterly using half-strength liquid fertilizer while watering.

Common Issues:

Sudden leggy growth: Symptom of over-fertilization

Washed out leaf colour: Can be a symptom of too much sun, or not enough sun.

Interesting Fact

Waffle plants will tell you when they need a drink. You might find your waffle completely limp and wilted, but don’t fret! With a good watering, it will perk back up!