Winter plant care tips 

Even though our plants live in a climate controlled environment in our home, there are several winter stress factors that can cause issues for your houseplants, including shorter days, drier air and window chills – especially in Saskatoon! But with a little extra consideration, your winter plants can be no-fuss – all while lifting your spirits and freshening your air.

Biggest problems for winter plants

  • Central heating and dry air
  • Lack of daylight and cold nights
  • Overwatering
  • Pests

General Winter plant Care:

Even indoors, your plants can sense the passing of the seasons. In fact, most houseplants will have a dormancy period and require less hands-on care. Use these general tips for your winter plant care.


Limit watering. Because of lower light levels, photosynthesis will slow and plants enters a resting phase. Plants will not require as much water in the winter. 


During the winter, the days are shorter and indoor houseplants receive less ambient light through windows. This is a great time to clean windows, and clean the leaves of your plants from any dust. You may want to consider supplementing natural light with grow lights. This might mean using a special grow light, or replacing a lamp with a grow bulb. Check out several lighting solutions here.


Because there is lower light available, you may want to consider moving plants closer to the windows. However – make sure to check for any drafts AND be aware of where your heating vents are in you rooms. You want to avoid having your plants too close to heating vents, as they will not appreciate the dry air.


Most plants will go dormant in the winter, and require no food. As a general rule, do not fertilize in the winter.

Winter plants houseplant care Saskatoon

some plants will thrive

Most of the tropical plants in our homes originate from warm, humid places receiving more light than our winter days. You might notice some of your plants are less affected than others, such as low light tolerate plants like Sansevieria and Pothos. Check out our page of Beginner plants, for the most resilient plants for wintertime.

Extra Winter Care Tips:

  • Add a little humidity. Your plant may not need as much water, but they won’t appreciate the dry air. Mist regularly or place pots on a tray of rocks with a small amount of water. If you’re really serious, invest in a humidifier!
  • Check regularly for pests. Plant pests can sneak up on your plants in wintertime. Flip over your leaves regularly to look for eggs, and consider places sticky traps as a preventative measure. Spider mites and mealybugs thrive in dry air and will reproduce even more rapidly.
  • Avoid re-potting plants until spring. Plants won’t appreciate being re-potted during their dormancy. Your plant will not see significant growth in the winter, so it’s best to wait until spring. 
  • Try grouping plants together for added humidity. Grouping plants will help to create a small micro-climate and raise the humidity level around the group.

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